Animal Rescue

Over the years, South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team has amassed a wealth of experience in animal rescues and can be called to rescue both domestic and farm animals.

Using our specialist equipment and training we have rescued animals of all sizes from holes of all sizes. From ducklings stranded in a culvert to a cow which had fallen in a quarry, we have a very good track record.

One of our specialist areas of rescue came about because of the unique nature of the landscape in South Wales Valleys. Over time, old coal tips shift opening up fissures known as "Slip Rifts". A large number of our rescues have been dogs and sheep from these hillside rifts.

Our approach to animal rescue is slightly different to that for rescuing people in that a full assesment is made at the scene of each incident before commiting. It should be noted, however, that although we will not place our members in any undue risk, we are very proud of our record and have, on occasions spent 24 hours completing tricky animal rescues in locations as far apart as the Swansea Valley and Aberystwyth.