SMWCRT Incidents

The South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team has been involved in a wide variety of incidents over the years.

Underground, we've guided lost cavers out of the larger systems, dived trapped cavers & a young Thai football team out of flooded systems and stretchered injured cavers through some of the most demanding environments imaginable. We've also rescued a large number of animals (of various shapes and sizes) from caves, quarries and disused mines throughout the area.

Above ground, the Team has attended Road Traffic Incidents, assisted Mountain Rescue Teams in difficult to access areas and even helped the Police search for murder weapons.

Each incident raises its own particular challenges. Some are over in a matter of hours, others can last for days. See the writeups for more details.


Some Callout Statistics

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Call outs to date (2019) – 371 – plus 2 so far in 2020

Busiest year ever - 1993 (20 callouts)

Last year without a callout - 1982

Average callouts per year (1951 to 2019) – 5

Average Callouts in last 10 years (2009 to 2019) - 6

NB Values on the Charts represent the number of Cave Rescue Incidents and those resulting in actual injuries

dealt with by the British Cave Rescue Council & South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team.