How to Join Cave Rescue

We are currently discussing a "two-tier" approach to team membership.

In the future we plan to operate with a database of active Rescuers who wish to be on our Call Out Register along side a list of Associate Members who do not want to be on the call out list but would like to remain involved in the Team. We are particularly looking for people who can spare some time to help with fund raising and equipment maintenance.

Cave Rescue is not all about what goes on underground. A number of roles are open to non cavers. Catering, for example is important. A major rescue can involve over 150 Team members for 2 or 3 days, many of whom will have responded to an emergency call in the early hours of the morning. Although most Team members maintain a "Call Out" pack containing basic emergency rations, they are not usually prepared for an extended stay, so a team of cooks and drivers is often kept busy fueling the rescue. A number of other vital, non-caving, roles are available.

If you wish to be included on the Call Out Register, either as a Caver or in a supporting role. you should fill in a registration form.

Forms can be found in the foyer of South Wales Caving Club or posted to you by any Committee member

Download a registration form here