Callout. July 14 2011. Little Neath River Cave.

A party from Exeter University had arranged a callout with a local member for 14.00. They had not called by 14.45 and a warden was informed. A callout of wardens and locals was started – the plan was to get someone to the cave to see if the vehicle was still there, cell phone comms not being the best in Ystradfellte.

Team members were on the way to the depot to load the LR by 14.50. Wardens managed to raise a team member living close to the cave at 15.10 and he agreed to check out the cave and phone back. The callout proceeded with eventually 11 on standby by 15.40 when it was reported that all of the party were out of the cave and safe. It appears that they were simply overdue. All stood down and incident closed by 16.00.

Thanks to those who responded.