The team was called out at 3.15pm on Thursday. After some confusion we established that our diving expertise was required.

At 00.31 Friday morning, 4 of our divers were committed, two to dive and two to act as cover.

The two lead divers passed the flooded section and discovered the body of one of the missing miners. They then proceed to a blockage of debris and wooden pit props caused by the inrush of water from the working heading.

There was no response to calling and shouting and the divers returned to base.

At 03.15 this morning (Friday) all team members were off site – there being nothing more the team could do. Pumping continues and as soon as a reasonable air space is exposed the mines rescue teams will be able to clear and stabilize before access to the old workings above the accident site is possible and to recover the dead miner. There is still some hope that the three missing miners reached a safe place.

It is notable that the statutory bodies on-site allowed a voluntary team to conduct a underwater search.
To my knowledge this is the first time the South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team has been called to, and has been used on a incident in a working coal mine.

We will compile a fuller report when the incident is over.

All 4 of the missing miners have now been discovered dead. Some of the team knew them which brings it a little closer to home. We can only offer our condolences and trust that the very hard guys in Mines Rescue complete the recovery without incident.

Jopo for the SMWCRT.