First Callout of 2012 - Saturday 4th February 2012

Overdue Party OFD1 - OFDll through trip.

At 19.05 a party was reported as being over 1 hour overdue on a through trip from OFD1 to Top. Their exit time on the callout ticket was 1800.

A party was deployed to make a quick trip to Maypole Inlet, the plan being for an experienced party to be deployed for through trip from OFD1 and a search party for Top when numbers allowed and first party to Maypole had reported.

The overdue party found at the OFD II gate at 20.30 by first party having just arrived. There were no major issues reported, one of the party members apparently being tired and the trip simply taking longer than estimated.

All done and dusted by  21.00.

Thanks to those who arrived, were on the way or on standby, including members of the Midland Cave Rescue Organisation who were staying at South Wales Caving Club and assisted.