The South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team are running their annual mines rescue practice in the very near future: sorry this is quite short notice.  The plan is currently under development (but that doesn't mean that I'm making it up as I go along!) and there will be roles for everybody regardless of ability/experience: the Team relies upon enthusiasm as well as muscle!  So if you don't fancy trying to get the stretcher through a collapse or up a pitch but would be happy to assist with communications, re-supply, surface work, taking photos etc then come along as you will be needed.  

You will require the usual kit, but please remember the following (& sorry if this is egg-sucking): spare lighting, warm clothes, harness/cowstails and/or SRT kit (if you've got them), something to eat and a sense of humour.  We'll be camping at the farm of one of our members from Friday night onwards.  Daf is charging us £4.50/head to cover hot water, toilets, electricity, gas for cooking on the twin burner etc.  We'll have full use of the farm which includes a comfortable barn (ideal for presentations, meals etc...), plenty of parking, clean toilets and even tents if people don't have their own.  On Saturday night I suspect that we might have a mini-party....  The area is stunning, the walking and mountain biking are superb, and we're not a million miles away from a little hill called Cader Idris!


The North Wales Cave Rescue Organisation are coming along and other teams are welcome/encouraged to attend.  It should be a fun event & a lot of us have got plenty to learn about mine rescue.....  It would be particularly useful if people familiar with the Mid Wales mines (or mines in general) came along for obvious reasons.

For more information, go to the South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team website ( or join the facebook group (  The specific facebook event can be found here:

If you want to come to this (or future) event(s) then please message me as I need some ideas of numbers etc...  The last two practices have had about 50 people each so there's a lot to arrange.  More details to follow.