On the 9th October the team was involved in a joint exercise with the Mountain Rescue Teams & Search & Rescue Dogs Association.  This was a PR event sponsored by Goodyear who have been sponsoring Mountain and cave Rescue Teams in the UK. The venue for the training was Penwyllt itself, and the aim of the day was to set up a scenario that reflected the work of the teams involved and allowed the new laptops and search control software, SARMAN, to be shown off to the sponsors. This can be tied to GPS trackers and allows superb monitoring of the teams and equipment deployed on the hill. Obviously a bit more problematic for cavers but we are starting to use the software and it is certainly proving to be a useful control tool.

The days scenario involved two lost persons who were meant to be walking part of the Beacons way. This involved search sweeps on the hill which found an injured walker who report their colleague had ventured into a cave. Que the cave rescue team! We initiate a search of the Top entrance area of OFD and find the missing person injured in the Upper Column Series. A medic and stretcher team is dispatched and the casualty rescued. We had a good mix of people on the stretcher carry which went well. thanks to Kate for putting up with being rescued! On exiting the cave we are met by photographers and film crew as we carry out a handover to the MR teams.

Whilst obviously a bit contrived to fit in with the PR function it was a useful day. It was good to work with the MR teams and the day built on the very positive joint training that we were part of earlier this year. there is definitely scope for further joint trainings of this type.


Feedback from other parties

From Goodyear

I thought I would send you an email to say thank you for what was a great weekend. For us it was fantastic to see Mountain Rescue in action and we were very impressed buy the professionalism, enthusiasm and passion of everyone involved.

We are looking forward to seeing the film and also the photos. I will make sure the set of photos are sent on to you both along with Judy Whiteside and Andy Simpson and I will put them online for anyone who would like to download them for personal use.

Please pass our sincerest thanks to everyone who took part from Mountain Rescue, Cave Rescue and SARDA and all those that volunteered their time.



I just wanted to email a quick note to say a big thank you to everyone for their support of the Goodyear day before and after the event.   It was a very successful day as well as it being great seeing everyone.

If you could personally pass my thanks to your team members.  Andy Simpson, MREW PR Officer and I will be talking to Goodyear on the next development of our relationship with them.

Kind Regards

Penny Brockman

MREW Treasurer