Thursday 17th March saw the first call out of the year for the team.

Just as a number of us were sitting down to a presentation on Cave Diving in Canada at Cardiff University Dyfed, Powys police called at 7.25pm to report two overdue male cavers from Agen Allwedd.

They had gone in at 12 noon and were due out at 5pm. The planned trip, not established until 8pm, was the Outer Circle via the Coal Cellar.

The initial call was from a wife to a team member who called the police and then went up to Whitewalls.

By 7.35 team members were on the way. At 8.10 we had a message indicating that the party was out and safe. After confirmation the standown was started.

It appears that one wife thought that the time out was 5pm but the other 9pm. As one of the 'overdue' party is a well known member who knows Agen Allwed very well it was thought that being lost was probably not the cause. He was surprised to see the team as he wandered back along the tram road after a good trip.

All in all a good result. A live test of our callout and communication procedures!