SMWCRT recently received a request to visit Beechwood College near Barry to help with their Emergency Services project. Beechwood College is a private college which specialises in working with students with Autism Spectrum Disorders with an age range of 16 - 25. 3 Volunteers from SMWCRT visited the college to speak to the students and demonstrate some of the equipment used in Cave Rescue. Once the students had seen a short video on Cave Rescue, they got a chance to get hands on with the kit. A willing volunteer was found and a group of students learned how to package a casualty in the stretcher. Everybody involved during the morning really enjoyed the activities and many of the lecturers commented on how well the students had worked as a team, something which people with Autism Spectrum Disorders often struggle with. Many of the students were very keen to try caving!

Later the same day, Children in 4 classes at Llansannor Church in Wales Primary School also got a chance to get to grips with some of the teams equipment. One volunteer from each class was packaged in the stretcher with the help of their classmates. Some of the pictures are shown below. More can be found at the Llansannor School Website (Unfortunately we are unable to publish pictures from Beechwood College.)