The Cwm Dwr Practice - Over 30 team members turned out for the rescue practice on 7th Dec. There were three separate scenarios, a stretcher carry in Cwm Dwr Jama, taking the drag stretcher through the Cwm Dwr crawls and a pitch haul out of the entrance climb. This provided a very varied set of challenges and learning opportunities. It was the first outing for the new France Phones and we had remarkably good underground reception on the High Bands. The crawl proved very entertaining and the concrete pipes of the entrance climb were snug to say the least. Andy and Antonia Freem did some 'fly-on-the-wall' filming using high quality wrist mounted cameras. The results are quite spectacular and have been edited into a 23min video that gives a real feel for the challenges of a cave rescue. The video should be interesting whether you were on the practice