One of our Wardens received a Call out from Dyfed Powys Police about 6.05 on Friday 1st November, three cavers in Agen Allwedd, due to call in by 5.00 am !? now overdue.

6.10, Other Wardens alerted


6.20  Local cavers contacted who set off for Whitewalls.

6.28  Police control contacted to check phone number given for call out- was incorrectly transcribed. Phoned the call out originator, outer circle trip, 3 v experienced, one of them no longer too fit. Requested further info, esp on car used.

6.49  Call back from call-out originator - probable car identified - would be parked at Whitewalls. Locals en-route informed of car details (he by now nearly at WW)


6.58  Attending rescuers called in, probable car found and party met near Whitewalls, one very tired and hence very slow.

All parties stood down and Police control rooms updated.

Went back to bed. I like it when they end like this!