Call Out - Ystradfellte - 28th August 2016

A short call out took place on the afternoon of Sunday 28th August.

Toby took a call from the police advising us that a 12yr old boy was 
'trapped' in Bridge Cave, Ystradfellte. Two parties were quickly 
dispatched from Penwyllt, whilst a fuller response was prepared. The 
Landrover and a follow up team were about to be dispatched when we were 
stood down by the police. The first response team arrived on scene and 
spoke to the party that called the police and saw the freed boy. In 
total 14 team members were involved in the incident.

The fuller details, having spoken to the party involved, are that prior 
to entering Bridge Cave, the boy had entered one of the phreatic tubes 
on the right hand side, just upstream of White Lady Cave. Having 
squeezed 10m into a tube the 12yr old had attempted to reverse, but had 
got his legs caught underneath him, preventing his exit. After 25mins 
the boy started to panic and the adults in the party correctly made an 
early cave rescue call out. No one else was able to see the boy, they 
could only see his light and talk to him. In the time it took for the 
team to respond, the boy had been talked out of his predicament and the 
callout was stood down.

This could have been a serious incident, so everyone was very pleased 
with the outcome.