Dan Yr Ogof Show Cave Rescue - Sat 13th August 2016
The team were called out to an incident at Dan yr Ogof Showcaves, which occurred during the first weekend of the EuroSpeleo Conference in Yorkshire. It ended successfully, and Ashford Price made a donation to the team in recognition of their assistance. Below is the brief report written by Toby Dryden. 
At 14.50 I received a call from the Police. Can we attend Dan yr Ogof show caves, a women had fallen in the show cave. Paramedics had requested help, plus a spinal board and neck brace. As I put the phone down, Jopo rang, he had had a call from Ashford Price, the Show Cave Manager. The remainder of the assistance on this callout is in bullet point form :-
  • Jopo heads to DYO and brings Hywel 
  • Phone Vince - on way
  • Phone Sue and Keith Goodhead, no answer.
  • Toby calls Gary E. 
  • Gary takes over the limited local callout, freeing Toby to collect the vehicle and required kit.
  • Pete Francis is at the club. He comes to DYO with me in the Landrover.
  • Jopo has started a log outside the cave
  • Gary Phones Jen, she is on her way
  • Tourists have been stopped from entering the show cave
  • When we get to DYO, we are met by a paramedic who tells us the lady has a head injury and possible broken leg.
  • We enter show cave and make our way to the casualty, a paramedic is already dealing with her. 
  • HART team members arrive and she is loaded onto their stretcher. 
  • We then carry her through the show cave, down some steps and to the waiting wheeled stretcher, where she is taken out to the Ambulance.
  • Stats :-
    • Time taken 1hr 45 mins.
    • 5 SMWCRT members in attendance
    • 5 HART team members in attendance
    • plus several show cave personal