Post AGM Rescue Techniques Training - Sun 15th Jan

Dear Team Member,

At the AGM I was replaced as Training Officer by Peter Dennis, who has been shadowing the role for the past year. I'm sure he will receive the same help and support that I did. Peter will be in touch shortly with a training programme for the coming year.

So my last act as Training Officer is to provide you with a brief report on the post-AGM workshops. 30 attendees took part in the following sessions :-

- The team drills had brief outings as two groups had a go with the team's new 14mm plugs'n feathers. Two significant boulders were quickly split and a lot of people had their first view of this useful technique.

- A lot of us are familiar with setting up and using France Phones and High Band radios. However I for one had little knowledge of how to clearly and efficiently communicate a message. Sessions were run on communication protocols including practical sessions.

- Sessions were run on the procedures, responsibilities and roles within Surface Control. Not many people have visibility of this vital area, so hopefully people left with a better understanding and may also result in more people wanting to get involved in the future.

- The team's long and short stretchers were used, paying particular attention to how we might load a child into one. Thanks to the 3 or 4 children involved in these very interesting trials. Extensive discussions were had and possible workarounds discussed. The findings will be fed back to the next committee meeting for consideration.

Thanks again to all who helped run, organise and attend the sessions.

Best regards
Ali Garman
Ex-Training Officer - SMWCRT