A call was received at 13:05 on the 7th August, direct from Mid and West Wales Fire Service about a dog reported to be 30ft down a steep gully on a narrow ledge with a further 100ft below of possible fall height in the region of the Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall.  


Contact details for the dog’s owner were given and also for the nearest farm house (it’s a known area for very poor mobile phone communication).  After a conversation with the owner the location was confirmed as a ‘roped access’ area only and we were advised the location was about 500m south of the main Waterfall, and near the top of the mountain.


Two local Wardens were available and made their way to the scene, North East Wales Search And Rescue Team (NEWSAR) were also contacted as the call out was in their area.  The location was several hours from their nearest support at the point of contact and it was agreed they would be on standby should we need their support.  A request for equipment was made to Midlands Cave Rescue Organisation (MCRO) and two of their members and a further joint team member were called to assist. 


Once on site the small team of 5 and the appropriate equipment was ferried to the top of the mountain by the farmer in quad and trailer.  Once on site a quick assessment of the options for a rescue were carried out and a rope and rescuer were lowered to the dog’s location.  The dog (a large working collie) was packaged up in a ‘dumpy’ bag and hauled to safety.  The rescuer returned to the top and the rescue was completed at 18:00.  All members and the dog were back down in the valley by 19:00 at which point NEWSAR and others on standby were stood down.

Gary Mitchell