When : Saturday 8 September 2018

Where: Whitewalls, Chelsea SS, Llangattock

Start time: 09:30h for 10:00h start with finish time no later than 17:00h. Following the Rescue Practice an auction of surplus and 'past date' rescue equipment will be held at Whitewalls.

Please note in your diary/ organiser that the next SMWCRT cave rescue training exercise will be in Agen Allwedd, this year's focus for the annual training in and around caves of Mynydd Llangattock, Clydach Gorge or Blorenge. This exercise will rehearse all aspects of a major rescue operation that involves an injured casualty confined to a stretcher. I am grateful to Adrian Fawcett, MLCMAC, for confirming provisional consent for SMWCRT to conduct the rescue practice in Aggie. We must of course heed the conservation measures of this designated cave, for example to respect and take care around taped off areas.

The precise scenario will be activated on the morning of the practice with details withheld for realism. You will be able to experience one or more of the full range of surface and underground roles of such a cave rescue. I again strongly encourage you to participate and experience a role less familiar and with the aim to broaden your appreciation of the different methods and skills required to effect a safe, efficient and successful rescue. This is especially true if you are a trainee for Surface Control, Underground Control, Surface and Underground Communications, Pitch Rigging, Advanced First Aid and general roles related to stretcher carrying and portering of rescue equipment. The options are to step forward and take responsibility for a specialist or technical role or to shadow someone else serving in that role to build your understanding of what is involved and to gain greater confidence if called upon during a real cave rescue incident.

Requested Actions:

To complete a full training exercise, once the situation is fully appreciated and the decisions and actions proliferate, we will require a reasonably large number of rescuers underground. There is flexibility to adapt the scenario according to the numbers that attend. but it will be very helpful if you could indicate now whether or not you can participate. Please reply to this e-mail by forwarding it to:-

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

and simply add “Attend”, “<Your Name>” and "<Surface or Underground role>" to the Subject field. If unable to attend, please reply with “Unavailable” and “<Your Name>”.

Thank you and I look forward to welcoming you to a further interesting training day,


P. Dennis, Training Officer - SMWCRT