Early Sunday afternoon, SMWCRT received reports of a trapped dog in Cwm Fechan, near Merthyr Tydfil. Our colleagues at the Fire Service called us in to support their efforts to enable us to use our specialist skills.

The dog was located some metres into a small cave complex (Ogof Taf Fechan) near the path. This has several entrances, but all are filled in with earth and rocks, or are too tight for a person to access. Team members started to dig to the dog which could be heard, initially from two directions, but eventually concentrating efforts on the lower entrance to the cave. This involved working in a small, tight muddy passage, removing a lot of mud and solid rock to gradually excavate a way through. After almost three days of effort from many members of the Team, George the dog was successfully freed today at 3pm. A happy hound was reunited with his appreciative owner. A brilliant effort by all!