At 18:05 on Saturday 16th February, SMWCRT were contacted by Dyfed Powys Police, via SARCALL, with a request to attend an incident at Daren Cilau. A female caver had slipped into a rift in the floor around 80 metres into the cave.   A call to the Police and then to cavers at Whitewalls established that she had got stuck in ‘The Vice’ and was now lying in standing water and was getting cold. It was also established that two other cavers who had been at Whitewalls had gone into the cave to try to release her.  


Callout and control was run from home by a SMWCRT Warden and two other Wardens along with two team members who were available at SWCC were dispatched in the SMWCRT Landrover Ambulance at 18:43. At the same time, a number of team members based closer to Llangattock were called for assistance and those available began to make their way there.   


The callout was limited at this stage, as there would not be much room for rescuers in the entrance series and it was felt that it would be worth waiting for initial reports from either those on scene or from the first rescuers to arrive before widening the callout.  


The first Rescuers arrived at Whitewalls at 19:14 and the Landrover arrived there at 19:30. At 19:34, a caver waiting at the entrance to the cave reported that the casualty had been extricated from The Vice by the on-site cavers and she was making her way out slowly, having hurt her shoulder in getting released.  As team members made their way to the cave it was reported at 19:36 that the casualty was out of the cave.   Once back at Whitewalls, the casualty was checked over by a SMWCRT Advanced First Aider and the on route team members were stood down.  


The incident was reported as complete to the police at 20:05 and closed down in SARCALL once the Landrover was back at Penwyllt at 21:10   15 team members were either on-site or on route with support from one Warden running callout and control from home. As always, a big thank you to all those who were called and either made it to Whitewalls or were stood down whilst travelling there.