Our next Rescue Practice takes place on Saturday 16th March 2019 and will be within the Ogof Ffynnon Ddu cave system. Meet at the Rescue Store at Penwyllt at 09:30am.

In conjunction with this particular rescue practice, SMWCRT will also be the subject of a peer review where we will be visited by cavers from other UK cave rescue teams. This opportunity will allow us to show our skills and capability, as well as being able to learn from other cave rescue organisations. Peer review is an important element of the future of British Cave Rescue and all BCRC teams will be required to be reviewed and can participate in reviewing others. This approach is also being undertaken by UK Mountain Rescue Teams.


Although the team is being scrutinised, it should be noted that individual members will not be under the spotlight. The review will be looking at the team’s processes, key organisational arrangements and operational decisions made by the SMWCRT Executive Committee. 


If you are available to attend the day on the 16th March we will be looking to practice all elements of a cave rescue including communications, surface control and of course a recovery of a casualty.