Our next Rescue Practice takes place at 10:00am on Saturday 17th August 2019 and will be located within Mid Wales.


We are currently planning our next training exercise which will be our biennial Mid Wales mines practice in 3 weeks time.  The expectation is that the exercise will focus on a single mine site in the eastern ore region near Aberystwyth.  All aspects of a real rescue incident will be covered and you should expect a full range of mine related obstacles e.g. pitches (SRT kit needed), partially water-filled levels, loose(ish) rock, etc.  I'm sure that everyone will find the day both interesting and rewarding, especially if you are less familiar with the extensive mine sites of the area.


A further notification will be sent next week with exact details of location and campsite options, once arrangements have been finalised. 

Can you please respond to Kevin Mann’s email, and indicate your availability for this event.