The SMWCRT Executive Committee are saddened to report that the Little Neath River Cave (LNRC) rescue dump has recently been ransacked & vandalised. This took place only a matter of days after publicising (on the Team’s Facebook page) the positive news story that the rescue dump had been fully re-stocked, updated and put back into full service.

It was a few days before members of the team could get in to assess the situation and what was found was a real shock. Unbelievably, four of the ‘Daren Drums’ containing first aid items, clothing, food, shelter, rewarming equipment, cookers and other emergency equipment had been stolen and were completely unaccounted for.  Additionally, the large blue drum that contained a number of items to help preserve life for those trapped for an extended time in this known ‘hot spot’ was emptied in to the streamway, including the vital France Phone handset that could have given communication to waiting rescuers through the Bridge Cave sump. 

Anyone that knows the cave, will understand how tricky it is to get this sort of equipment into the cave – or indeed getting it back out again! This act was unlikely to have been performed alone and would have most likely been planned.

The SMWCRT Executive Committee will consider their options carefully over the next few months as to how to rectify the situation – or as to what action may be taken going forward. 

 If you are caving in LNRC in the near future, please take note of this.  The caving community is small and it is a sad day when other cavers contribute to the jeopardy of those that would be in need of support.