The Team is holding a Training Day on Sat 30/11/19 at SWCC HQ, Penwyllt. See below for details of what should be a very interesting day. Plugs and Feathers, Capping, and other techniques will be on display.

Date: Saturday 30th November

Time: 09:30

Meeting Place: SMWCRT Stores, Penwyllt

The next rescue practice date for your diaries is Saturday 30th November 2019 at the SMWCRT Stores, Penwyllt.
The focus of the day will be on skills training, featuring a number of round-robin sessions with the emphasis on:

Passage Enlargement and Rock Removal

As you will be aware, the team has been involved in a number of incidents recently where it has been necessary to enlarge or modify passages. We would like to give team members unfamiliar with these techniques a greater awareness of the various procedures and equipment requirements. We hope that even experienced 'diggers' will find the day useful, welcoming their contributions to discussions and demonstrations.

Kevin Munn

Training Officer, South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team