In light of the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, we are having to make a few careful decisions about how we operate as a team. 
Our clear priorities are to ensure that we can respond effectively as an underground search and rescue team in the event that we are called upon, whilst also looking after the health and well-being of our team members. 
The rescue practice scheduled for 28th March would involve pulling together a significant number of our team for what would be hands-on work at close quarters, bringing an obvious risk of transmission of the virus between team members. We feel that this would not be a sensible or responsible thing to do, either for the health of our team members, or for the potential impact to our operational effectiveness if the virus was transmitted between a number of our team members. 
We have therefore taken the decision to cancel the practice on 28th March. I hope you will understand this decision.
We'll keep you informed of any further changes to upcoming events, or the way we operate as a team, as the situation develops. 
Tom Foord