On Sunday night we were called out to assist South Wales Fire Service with a dog rescue. Louis, the 7 Yr old spaniel, had disappeared down a hole near Merthyr Tydfil. Working in conjunction with the Fire Service rope rigging team, one of our team members descended to the dog who was located at the bottom of a loose and meandering shaft, 8m (25 ft) deep. A quick clip & haul and Louis was back with his family! A fantastic result!

And now that Louis the Spaniel has been reunited with his owners, and no doubt been given all the love & care he deserves, and after we have washed and packed away all of our equipment, we need YOUR HELP!

We are running a crowd funding campaign to help raise the funds we urgently need for some important new equipment, please visit our Crowdfunder page to help. We are just £3,000 away from our target of £15,000. Every donation helps! 



Click this link to see the BBC's reporting of the incident.