Dog stuck 10ft down hole in Preseli mountains 

At 15.38 on 1st January a text was received from Western Beacons MRT with a request to  contact them.  The incident concerned a dog stuck 10ft down a hole in the Preseli Mountains.   

WBMRT advised that they were responding to this incident and that they requested SMWCRT  assistance as they felt it was more appropriate territory for our skill set.  A Warden was  available to help control from home. 

Initial actions consisted of identifying Team members who were available and also closer to  the incident site.  This proved quite difficult.  The Land Rover was prepared with the required  kit.  Due to the potential to use lifting bags, there was a requirement for a Team member to  be located who had experience of these. 

WBMRT forwarded a set of photographs of the site which proved useful in confirming the  need for rock splitting equipment as well as lifting bags.  It became apparent that there was  also a requirement for a Team member with competency in Plug & Feather use even though  they would be some travel time from the incident site. 

 All Team members setting off to assist were stood down before being deployed. 

The official stand down notification (via SARCALL from WBMRT) was received stating that that  dog had been retrieved by a local builder who was on site. 

SMWCRT then stood down all Team members via SARCALL.  Total time of the callout was 48 minutes.