We were called out to assist two injured cavers who were doing a trip in Pendulum Passage in  Ogof Fynnon Ddu 2 on Saturday 4/9/21. Call out was instigated just after 2pm. A short climb collapsed and boulders hit two members of a three man team, resulting in back bruising and a foot injury. A third member of their team called for assistance, confirming that whilst the injured parties were able to walk, they would need assistance climbing up Maypole Inlet.

SMWCRT members entered the cave administering first aid, assisting the casualties up the 15m Maypole Inlet climb, and eventually bringing them to surface around 11pm. Back at base, the casualties were checked over by a Team Doctor and it was decided there was no need for hospital referral. 

Thanks as always to all those that attended, and those that support us so that we can contine to provide help to those who need it.