SMWCRT members will be aware that the SARCALL system is used during an incident to efficiently find out the availability of Team Members, before phoning them to “call them out”.

For this to work effectively and to avoid complicating the work of those controlling the incident, Team Members are requested  to follow the guidelines below:

Do always respond to the message, whether you’re available or not

Do prepare your caving gear, food, travel, child care etc.

Do wait to be contacted by phone before taking further action

Do Not call a Warden, Controller, Penwyllt (to keep lines clear for rescue control) or the Police

Do Not make your way to an incident until instructed to do so

Do Not publicise the Call Out on social media


How To Reply:


SARCALL responses should be texted as a reply from your mobile phone to: 07537 415551, All messages must start with “SAR then a space, or it will not be received.

·         You then need to indicate your availability using the letters A, L, or N.

·         You can then give an estimated travel time in minutes.

·         Optionally you can then include a message giving further information you think might be helpful.

·         If your situation changes later on then you can send an updated response.




SMS Syntax


Available in XX minutes


SAR A60 Am in Cardiff

Limited availability

SAR LXX  msg

SAR L120 Available after 17:30

Not available

SAR N msg

SAR N Away this weekend



It may be useful to store this information in your mobile phone as a note or contact card for easy reference in the future.

Make Some Noise:

You may want a SARCALL text to stand out from the other noises your phone makes, especially at night when a gentle beep might not be heard. SMS Alarms and FIRE ALERT 2 are Apps that can be used to bypass silent mode or make a specific noise for an incoming message.