We are so grateful for all of the kind messages we have received during the last 24 hours, and yes, those involved did an incredible job and its a pleasure to know its appreciated by the public. We would also like to thank those that have already made a donation to the Team, through our Facebook page. Now comes the time when we have to clean and repack our equipment and take stock of the last few days.

The costs to us, the SMWCRT and our colleagues from other Cave Rescue Teams are mounting up fast, so we are asking for you to dig deep and enable us to be ready again to help the next person or animal in need of assistance either underground or on the surface.

If you can, please give a little to help us reach our target by clicking on the 'Donate' button at the head of the page or you can make a donation through the 'Fundraising & Donations' menu.

Thank You, Diolch yn Fawr