Planned Rescue Practice - 22/05/2010 - Daren Cilau

As we now have responsibility for the Gwent area we need to concentrate on some of the probable locations for a real callout.

A truly pleasant prospect: evacuating a casualty out from the Busman's Holiday area of Daren Cilau via the Price's/Ogof Cnwc entrance!

The initial plan will be for a team to get a stretcher through the entrance series (dry but muddy), another team to concentrate on the multiple climbs/pitches, more teams to work out the communications issues, and other teams to simulate searches.

This is a tough cave but we're aiming to have enough to keep everyone occupied, be they keen tigers or lazy sheep! Please don't be put off by the reputation of this place: we need all the help we can get & even if you don't fancy dragging the stretcher we still have lots of jobs to be done, above & below ground.